News Headlines
Fri. Jan 4th 2019
Congratulations to Joe Sullivan on being appointed Full Time to the Department.
Sat. Feb 17th 2018
The Millis Fire Department would like to welcome Steve Tyner and wish him many years of happiness and health
2008 Chevy 4500/Osage
Back Up BLS Ambulance
2018 RAM 4500
Primary Ambulance
Boat 1
1995 Zodiac
Used for water rescue with Mustang suits.
Car 1
2012 Chevy Tahoe
Engine 1
1987 E-One Spartan
1500 gpm pump, 1000 gallon tank, 1500 4" supply line, high rise pack, Scott eagle imager, PPV fan, spare SCOTT bottles, Back up Engine.
Engine 2
2009 E-One Typhoon
1000 gallon tank, 1000 feet of 4" supply line, 30 gallon foam tank, 6 man cab, 10,000kw onon generator, Holmatro extrication tools, Junk yard dog stabilization tools, AED equiped, jump kit, hazardous gas detectors, haz-mat spill and leak containment.
Engine 5
1999 Ford 550 Mini-pumper
Mini-pumper, brush truck during season, class A foam, floating pump, saws and hand tools.
F-Brush 2
2005 Ford 350 Brush Truck
300 gallon tank, Main brush piece, class A foam, saws and hand tools, extended cab, plow.
Haz-mat trailer
1998 Harvey utility trailer
Haz-mat spill clean up, confined space equipment, pumps, lighting
Ladder 1
2012 SMEAL-Quint
400 gallons of water, 30 gallons class B foam, 1000' 4" supply hose, 100' Ariel, pre piped water way, 6 man cab, holmatro extraction, equipment, junk yard dogs stabilization tools, dewalt power tools, confined space and trench rescue equipment.
Niagra Hand Tub
2018 ?
Rockville Hand Tub
2018 ?
Station 1
1956 Located on Main St.
Built in the 1950's with an addition in 1995, refurbished in 2017.
Station 2
1930 Rockville
This station still has the doors from when they ran with horse and carriage. Used as a satellite station for brush equipment, houses a minipumper.

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